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What's-the-Catch FAQs

Why are the wallpapers and screensavers free? What's the catch?

There really is no catch. The wallpapers and screensavers are free just because we're proud of our photos and want others to enjoy them. [back]

Why do I have to become a member of the site to download wallpapers and screensavers? Especially considering that you say there's no catch to it?

While we're perfectly happy to allow folks to download our photos for their personal use and enjoyment ), we aren't nearly as excited about the idea of other people making a profit off our hard work. So when you sign up for membership, you're required to agree to's Terms of Use. You're basically agreeing that you'll use the photos here only for your personal enjoyment. [back]

How can I get in touch with you folks?

You may contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions. While we appreciate hearing from you, please be aware that it's very unlikely we'll be able to respond personally. (Because email is a notoriously insecure form of communication, please do not include charge card numbers in your message.) [back]

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